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Phil Woods

Psy.D., LPC, Clinical Psychotherapist

My journey of helping others started when I was just eleven years old working at my family’s nursing home.  I can recall listening intently to the patients’ stories about their life-experiences.  Of course at that tender age, I had no idea that a seed had been planted.  Many years later while working as a manager in a fast-paced restaurant, I frequently found myself offering encouragement to my subordinates and colleagues who often shared their personal issues with me.  This experience watered the seed planted when I was a child working at the nursing home. 


Several years later, I started in an entry level position at a residential care center and quickly became the clinical manager, the seed began to sprout as I had formally entered the mental health field.  As I pursued training in AODA and other relevant treatment areas, my natural ability to counsel was evident to my supervisors and most importantly, my clients and their families.  My desire to become more effective at helping my clients led me to pursue higher education.  I earned a bachelor degree at Concordia University Wisconsin as well as a master’s and doctorate degree in clinical psychology from the Wisconsin School of Professional Psychology. 


Upon leaving the residential care center, I joined the treatment team as a mental health professional at a behavioral health hospital working with children, adolescents, adults, and families.  Following that invaluable experience in the behavioral health hospital, my passion for helping others led me to a psychotherapy position at a behavioral health clinic. 


My professional experience is immense as I’ve also worked with foster children/families at a child placing agency, taught at a local university as an adjunct instructor and provided in-service training to schools and group homes. Greater than my experience is my desire to help people that I work with grow and experience well-being.

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