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Certified Social + Emotional Intelligence Coach
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Adrienne Woods

Meet your certified Social + Emotional Intelligence Coach, Adrienne Woods! 

Who Am I? 

I am a Christian, wife, mother, educator, leader, baker, runner and the list goes on, but more importantly I’ve discovered that I am so much more than a title and the full essence of who I am simply continues to GROW.  I will not arrive…. I will GROW, but there is not a certain destination where I will say, “this is it I’m all done GROWING”.  This is absolutely the truth I carry into coaching clients.  I believe my job is to come alongside clients by asking the deep and sometimes tough questions that will guide them to answering the questions, concerns or ideas that keep swirling around in their heads. 


Why am I Coaching?

It’s personal for me.  I’ve had those times when I needed an objective voice that wasn’t a family member or friend to not only hear me, but walk alongside me while I figure some things out.  One focus of my coaching is on Social and Emotional Intelligence (S+EI) and its impact on our professional and personal lives.  I have seen the positive and negative impacts that my S+EIQ has had in my life and want to help others see the same and GROW from what they learn.


What’s my professional and educational background?

With 28 years of service in the field of k-12 education as a teacher, school counseling director, and administrator, I’ve developed a keen ability to hear what’s not being said. My current full-time position allows me the opportunity to connect with various leaders and gain immense insight for those desiring to GROW or strengthen their leadership skills.  I earned my bachelor’s degree in Secondary Education, a master’s degree in Educational Psychology and a second master’s degree in Educational Leadership.


I have completed the coaching course at the Institute for Social and Emotional Intelligence and am a Certified Social + Emotional Intelligence coach, trainer and certified to administer the Social + Emotional Intelligence Profile®. If you’re looking for a coach to help you sort through your professional or personal journey, give me a call at 414-502-8719. Let's talk! 

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