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Many schools, group homes and other organizations have a need for therapeutic groups; however, are not able to offer them for various reasons. GOCaC is able to provide a therapist to facilitate specialized groups including groups that are psychoeducational and psychotherapeutic in nature and that address the desired topic of interest or need.


Whether with adolescents or adults, the groups are designed to help individuals feel supported and to experience personal growth. Factors such as the instillation of hope, universality, imparting of information, and group cohesiveness help foster a safe “we are in this together” atmosphere where real positive change can occur.


Through the shared space of the group and the group dynamics, individuals can explore how they feel and think with others who tend to feel and think in a similar manner.  One of the main goals for our specialized groups is to provide an efficacious environment for individuals to grow and experience greater well-being as a result of honestly, openly, and willingly participating in the group.  

Specialized Groups


GOCaC provides tailor-made mental health trainings, workshops, and consultation to schools, group homes, and other organizations.  These mental health trainings, workshops, and consultations offer an interactive learning environment, current empirically validated research and information with the goal of providing useful information that can be applied to the identified focus of the training. In addition, we provide supervision and training for crisis workers and other mental health workers. 


GOCaC also has a Social + Emotional Intelligence certified trainer that is able to conduct lively, interactive and highly informative one hour sessions or longer training modules for those organizations interested in delving deeper into S+EI and its impact on the work environment.



Dr. Phil Woods and his wife, Adrienne Woods, have been married for twenty-one years and have been providing marriage counseling for twenty of those years.  Whether to friends, congregants, or strangers they are passionate about helping other couples flourish. They have committed their God-given gifts to helping other couples work through the rough and tough times in marriage as well as work toward having healthy marriages that thrive and prosper.  In addition to the counseling, Phil and Adrienne have developed and sponsored many workshops and retreats focused on enriching marriages.  This passion to help couples continues today. 

GOCaC will partner with churches, marriage ministries and other agencies that have a strong focus on supporting marriages.  By applying principles of wisdom and truth from the Bible, couples are given the blueprint for a thriving marriage.  Couples are empowered with knowledge and tools designed to foster understanding and insight, improve communication and connectedness as well as initiate growth and well-being within the relationship. 


GOCaC will work with you to develop and facilitate any of the following:

  • Couple Workshops – Covering various topics that impact marriages on a day-to-day basis.

  • Marriage Retreats – Marriage retreats give couples the chance to take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Removed from the stress of parenting children, careers, and housework, couples get the opportunity to work on themselves. At some marriage counseling retreats, couples get to spend time in individualized couples therapy as well as group therapy. At other marriage retreats, however, therapy may not be such a prominent part of the program, and instead, couples will get to engage in exercises and activities that help them strengthen their marital bonds. These retreats can be useful for couples in all stages of marriage.

  • Facilitator/Presenter – If you need facilitator or conference speaker only, we can also meet this need.

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Marriage Enrichment


Unfortunately, some couples put more energy and effort into planning a wedding than planning for a life together and the happy “I do’s“ can quickly turn into an angry “I should not have.” Yes, GOCaC marriage counseling can help a couple return back to the “I do” phase and beyond. However, growth oriented premarital counseling is designed to provide an engaged couple with a realistic understanding of what is required to have a healthy marriage. Couples work on things such as rules for engagement—“if we have to fight let’s have some rules”, conflict resolution, communication skills, finances—"whose money is it really?”, the autonomy of marriage, religion/spirituality, intimacy and parenting. The wedding day is a special day; however, the marriage should be cultivated to last a lifetime!


Contact us at 414-502-5819 or if you are interested in any of consulting services outlined above.

Pre Marital Enrichment
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