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Psy.D., LPC, Clinical Psychotherapist

Counseling, Psychotherapy, Couples Counseling, Christian Counseling, & Psychological Consultation

Dr. Phil Woods is extremely passionate about effecting change and creating hope and health in the lives of others through counseling. He is a doctoral level licensed psychotherapist, counselor, and founder of Growth Oriented Counseling & Consulting (GOCaC) located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. GOCaC is a private therapy practice offering counseling and Christian counseling for couples as well as therapy for children, teens, and adults that are dealing with mental health challenges. 

In addition to counseling, GOCaC also provides in-service training for mental health related issues, marriage enrichment, clinical supervision, & S+EI Coaching. 


Want to learn more about Milwaukee therapist Phil Woods, Psy.D., LPC ?

About Us
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Fear & Phobias


Motivation & Goals

Stress Management

Christian Family Services

Personal Growth

Self-Esteem Issues

Spiritual Growth

Anger Management

Psychotic Disorder

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Are you in need of a licensed therapist in Milwaukee or the greater Wisconsin area? GOCaC offers the following effective and affordable services:



We strongly believe that there must be an exchange where individuals feel extremely comfortable expressing themselves in a non-judgmental atmosphere. Together we will explore your mental, spiritual, or emotional needs while we work together towards providing solution-oriented ways of overcoming your problems.


Our areas of expertise include:




Fear & Phobias

Low Motivation




Personal Stagnation

Self-Esteem Issues

Spiritual Struggles


Psychotic Disorders


Relationship Issues

Family Conflict

Life Transitions


Mood Disorders


Stressed Man
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Individual Counseling

GOCaC is personally and professionally committed to providing clients with effective counseling and psychotherapeutic services which foster hope, growth, symptom improvement, and an increase in well-being. 

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Couples Counseling

Are you having the same fight over and over again with no real resolution. Concerned that no matter what you do, nothing seems to help make your relationship feel safe, loving and secure? You don’t have to struggle alone, we can help you feel loved again.

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Family Counseling

The family is the core unit of our lives, our communities, and our nation. GOCaC is  a professional therapy practice that can help parents and children identify and work through the many challenges that face families today. 

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Christian Counseling

If want trustworthy support that not only provides practical wisdom, but also complements and enriches your faith GOCaC is your solution. This option is for those who would prefer hearing therapy from the perspective of a Christian. 

Consulting Services



GOCaC also provides dynamic Consulting Services for the greater Milwaukee area. For organizations or individuals seeking therapeutic assistance, psychoeducational programs and other services, we can help! We offer our core Consulting Services to both public and private organizations.

Contact us at 414-502-5819 or if you are interested

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Specialized Groups

Many schools, group homes and other organizations have a need for therapeutic groups; however, are not able to offer them for various reasons.  GOCaC is able to provide a therapist to facilitate specialized groups.

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Trainings &Workshops

GOCaC provides tailor-made mental health trainings, workshops, and consultation to schools, group homes, and other organizations.  These mental health trainings, workshops, and consultations offer an interactive learning environment.

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Pre-Marital Enrichment

Unfortunately, some couples put more energy and effort into planning a wedding than planning for a life together and the happy “I do’s“ can quickly turn into an angry “I should not have.” GOCaC marriage counseling can help.

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Marriage Enrichment

GOCaC will partner with churches, marriage ministries and other agencies that have a strong focus on supporting marriages.  By applying principles of wisdom and truth from the Bible couples are given the blueprint for a thriving marriage. 

Coaching Services

GOCaC offers Social and Emotional Intelligence coaching to women who want an accurate understanding of their emotional strengths and limitations while also rediscovering their purpose and value in life.


What is Social and Emotional Intelligence? It is a form of intelligence that drives our success in work and in life and in our relationships with others.  Social Emotional Intelligence is about being aware of ourselves and others, in the moment, and using that awareness to manage ourselves (our behavior, our responses to stressful or challenging situations), and manage our relationships with others.  And the great news is, Social and Emotional Intelligence can be learned and strengthened throughout our lives!


Contact Adrienne Woods, a certified Social and Emotional Intelligence coach at 414-502-8719 or complete the Contact Us form to schedule a free 20-minute phone or video consultation. 

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Contact Us

If you are struggling mentally or emotionally in any way do not hesitate to reach out for help. I am here to skillfully, lovingly, affordably, and steadily help you reconnect with joy and vitality. Your growth is our Aim! 

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- Phil Woods, Psy.D., LPC

Liberty 1 at Park Place Building

11414 W. Park Place, Suite 210

Milwaukee, WI  53224


Tel:  414-502-8218

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